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The Ultimate Video Guide

Frustrated & Overwhelmed With Where To Start When It Comes To Creating Video?

Inside The Ultimate Video Guide You Will Learn

Module 1 | Getting Started

In this module we go through everything you need to know, and have to think about, BEFORE you start creating video.

This is going to help you create A PLAN so you have CLARITY which eliminates any kind of OVERWHELM.

We’ll cover

– Common mistakes and how to avoid them

– What’s involved in creating a video blog

– What is a video blog and where to start

– What makes a successful video blog

– How to decide on the style of your video

– How frequently you should make video

– How to stay ahead of schedule

Module 2 | Equipment

When it comes to the BIG QUESTION of  equipment this module is geared to have you INVESTING SMARTLY.

In this module we explore everything you need to know about cameras, audio, lighting, software and more.

We’ll cover:

– Which camera is right for you

– What tripod is right for you

– Camera Basics: what you NEED to know

– Lighting Basics

– What audio setup is right for you

– What editing software you should use

– And much much more!

Module 3 | Planning & Scripting

Having a SOLID PLAN and being STRATEGIC with your video content is fundamental for a SUCCESSFUL video blog.

It’s what is going to make or break your project. A video without a plan is a plan to fail. Learn the EXACT METHOD we use.

We’ll cover:

– Planning and scheduling your video

– Picking a filming location

– Creating a YouTube channel

– Scripting planned video content

– Scripting when ad-lib filming 

– Scripting when using a teleprompter

– Teleprompter Basics

Module 4 | Presenting

A lot of people find the prospect of being in front of the camera absolutely daunting. It really is not hard to overcome.

We’ll let you in on a few industry secrets to ensure that you stay CALM, COLLECTED and CONFIDENT in front of the camera.

We’ll cover:

– How to overcome on-camera nerves

– What to wear on camera

– Presenting basics

– Whether to sit or stand in your videos

– How to be authentic on camera

– The real voice of your brand

–  PLUS Bonus hair & makeup tutorial

Module 5 | Filming

We’ll show you how to set yourself up for SUCCESS from the minute you press record. The techniques really are easy to learn!

It doesn’t matter if you have a film crew assisting or shooting solo, this module will give you everything for a PROFESSIONAL looking vlog.

We’ll cover…

– How to film yourself & others

– Simple techniques to get started

– Lighting 101: what you need and where

– Framing 101: different framing situations

– Audio 101: ensure pro audio

– Cameras 101: understanding key features

– And much more!

Module 6 | Editing

Editing can make or break your video so in this module we’ll take you through the basics of professional editing software.

On completion your videos will be as POLISHED and PROFESSIONAL as possible & ready to upload to any channel.

We’ll cover:

– How to set up your editing suite like a pro

– Adding music & sound effects

– Adding an intro, outro & graphics

– Color Grading to polish your videos

– Exporting your video ready for upload

– Exporting options for different channels

– And much more!


In this module we’ll cover all the other bits and pieces you need to know in order to make the most of your video blogs.

It’s the SMALL DETAILS that make all the difference with video blogging and we share the best industry methods to PRO RESULTS.

We’ll cover:

– The essentials of video branding

– Why you need to transcribe

– How to multi-purpose your videos

– Best tools & metrics to measure ROI

– Repurposing your video blogs

– Sharing native video content

Module 8 | Uploading

With so many SOCIAL platforms to SHARE your video on we’ll share everything you need to know about uploading your video blogs.

Each channel is a different process with different video requirements so we help make it easy with step-by-step tutorials.

We’ll cover:

– How to upload your video to social

– Important facts for uploading videos

– Importance of multiple backups

– How to title, tag and categorize

– Where to host your videos

– How to add captions/subtitles

Module 9 | Your YouTube

As the second biggest search engine in the world it’s vital that you make the most of YouTube and get it right.

In this module we explore the TECHNICAL elements you need to utilise in order to make YouTube work for you.

We’ll cover:

– Youtube channel introduction

– The benefits of YouTube

– Increasing viewer action

– Optimizing your video meta data

– What meta data does for your video

– Embed codes: how to find & use them

Cate Kemp, SBFO

"I had no idea it could be so easy for me and my to produce great video blogs - and no idea how much I didn’t know! Going through the Vlog School program has opened my eyes to a world of possibilities for my business. Just do it!"

More Reasons To Study Vlogging Inside The Vlog School

1. Technology

The vlog school uses the latest in state of the art learning management systems making your experience becoming a successful Vlogger as interactive and enjoyable as possible.


The Vlog School is not created or run by someone who read a book and act like the expert, we live and breath this every day. We love video and the power it holds for your business


You have direct access to the coaches hosting the courses. Both are founders and directors of Sydney's The Deli Agency. A proven leader in the field of video for business.


You are not alone, The Vlog School is a social media center in itself allowing you to support each other and network with like minded businesses to accelerate your Vlogging success


As well as your amazing community you have The Deli Agency to support the success of your learning. We want to hold you accountable for taking action and creating a successful Vlog

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